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District Record and Leadership Line – Type 2

Type 2, the semi-annual newsletter of the National Network of Partnership Schools, includes the regular columns, District Record and Leadership Line. This column features topics focused on district leadership on partnerships. Click on links below to review District Record columns.

Sow Seeds in Spring for a Partnership Harvest , Type 2, Spring 2014, Issue 36

Creating Community: Connections and Celebrations at the Top of the World, Type 2, Fall 2013, Issue 35

District Leaders for Partnerships Guide Schools’ ATPs to Strengthen Family and Community Engagement, Type 2, Spring 2013, Issue 34

 District Leaders’ Actions Help School Teams Improve Their Plans and Practices, Type 2, Fall 2012, Issue 33

District Leaders Communicate with Schools to Improve their Partnership Programs, Type 2, Spring 2012, Issue 32

District Leaders Help Schools Improve their Partnership Programs, Type 2, Fall 2011, Issue 31

The Importance of Building Capacity at the District and School Levels, Type 2, Spring 2011, Issue 30

District Leaders Use NNPS Leadership Strategies to Help Schools Strengthen Partnership Programs, Type 2, Fall 2010, Issue 29

NNPS Samplers Link Research with Practices in Reading, Math, and Science, Type 2, Spring 2010, Issue 28

Superintendents are Super Important for Superior Partnership Programs, Type 2, Fall 2009, Issue 27

NNPS Web Conferences Serve District Leaders and School TeamsType 2, Spring 2009, Issue 26

The Power of Hope and the Need for Change: How District Leaders Help Schools Improve their Partnership ProgramsType 2, Fall 2008, Issue 25

Crucial Work by District Leaders: Conduct Basic and Advanced Team TrainingType 2, Spring 2008, Issue 24

District Leadership on Partnerships: Connect and Communicate,Type 2, Fall 2007, Issue 23

Maryland Partnership Program Development – A Collaborative Venture! Parents as Essential Partners (PEP) and NNPSType 2, Spring 2007, Issue 22

District Leaders Share Secrets of 10 Years of Progress in Programs PartnershipsType 2, Fall 2006, Issue 21

District Support Increases the Effectiveness of Volunteer ProgramsType 2, Spring 2006, Issue 20

District Support Increases the Effectiveness of Volunteer ProgramsType 2, Fall 2005, Issue 19

Create Awareness: How Districts Promote Their Partnership ProgramsType 2, Spring 2005, Issue 18

California Builds Partnerships to Offer Trainings to Schools and DistrictsType 2, Fall 2004, Issue 17

Seattle School District Uses Evaluation to Strengthen Partnership ProgramsType 2, Fall 2004, Issue 17

In This Together: One District’s Story of Building a Program of Partnerships, Type 2, Spring 2004, Issue 16

Organization Gives Support to Schools to Increase Fathers’ Involvement, Type 2, Fall 2003, Issue 15

Canton Sustains Schools’ Connections to NNPSType 2, Spring 2003, Issue 14

Goal-Oriented Leadership Builds Goal-Oriented Partnership ProgramsType 2, Fall 2002, Issue 13

Shine a Spotlight on Good Partnership PracticesType 2, Spring 2002, Issue 12

School Site Visits Help Improve Program Development in Los AngelesType 2, Fall, 2001 Issue 11

Project in Grand Blanc, Michigan Provides Valuable Resource to ParentsType 2, Spring, 2001, Issue 10

Parent Centers Move Libraries to the CurbType 2, Fall 2000, Issue 9

Team Leaders of Baltimore Area Schools Start the Year with a Good BreakfastType 2,  Spring 2000, Issue 8

Howard County, MD Forms District Committee to Coordinate Family Involvement, Type 2, Fall 1999, Issue 7

District Members Discuss Evaluation Issues at Special-Topics WorkshopType 2, Spring 1999, Issue 6

Taunton, Massachusetts Builds Educational Success with Partnerships, Type 2, Fall 1998, Issue 5

Rush-Henrietta Supports Partnership Policy With Leadership and Action, Type 2, Spring 1998, Issue 4

Project in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Helps Parents Understand Goals for Student LearningType 2, Fall 1997, Issue 3

Facilitators Help Develop Strong Action Teams, Type 2, Spring 1997, Issue 2

Facilitators and Superintendents Work TogetherType 2, Fall 1996, Issue 1