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Organization Model

Planning and Implementing

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NNPS guides organizations that assist districts and schools with their work on partnerships. The NNPS approaches help improve knowledge, skills, policies, and plans for more effective family and community engagement.

Organizations in NNPS vary in their missions, funding, and projects.

  • Some organizations work with state departments of education to advance a state-wide agenda on school, family, and community partnerships.
  • Other organizations work with district leaders and/or school-based Action Teams for Partnerships to help them improve their programs of family and community involvement and increase student success in school.
  • University members of NNPS may have grants to conduct specific intervention projects to improve district leadership and/or school programs of family and community involvement.

NNPS supports organizations and university leaders by providing professional development and on-going technical assistance to help organize work on partnerships and to improve the programs of the districts and schools assisted by special projects.

If your organization or university project works “LIKE A STATE” by collaborating with the state department of education, other state organizations, or with many district leaders across the state or in a region, click on the NNPS State Model for useful information.

If your organization or university project works “LIKE A DISTRICT” by assisting many schools to organize, implement, evaluate, and sustain their programs of school, family, and community partnerships, click on the NNPS District Model for useful information.

Program Evaluation. Annual UPDATE surveys from NNPS collect data that will help your organization evaluate the quality and progress of its partnership program. Districts and schools that work with your organization also will be able to use UPDATE to evaluate their programs of family and community involvement. See other “built in” evaluation tools in the NNPS Handbook for Action that help schools’ Action Teams for Partnerships monitor progress.

On this website, also see:

For more information and planning tools, organization leaders will find useful guidelines to work “like a state” or “like a district” in Chapter 7 and throughout the NNPS Handbook: Epstein, et al. (2019). School, family, and community partnerships: Your handbook for action, fourth edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Each organization that joins NNPS must identify a leader for partnerships who becomes the Key Contact to NNPS. On the website, see the section Join NNPS for more information.