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One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships


The One Year Action Plan for Partnerships is written by the ATP each year. It includes the specific activities that the ATP will implement, improve, or maintain; a list of who is responsible for each activity (both ATP and non-ATP members); a means of evaluating each activity; and other important details.

Your Planning Tool for Success

This planning tool asks for detailed information on the activities that the Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) will implement for all of the Six Types of Involvement to reach specific school improvement goals. There are two versions of the One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships that a school’s ATP may use or adapt.

Form G (Goals)

The four-page plan, designed for ATPs organized by school improvement goal, focuses on the activities for family and community involvement linked to school improvement goals. Four goals are selected: two academic goals, one behavioral goal, and one goal to promote a welcoming school climate.


Form T (Types)

The six-page plan, designed for ATPs organized by type of involvement, focuses on activities for each of the Six Types of Involvement.
Templates to Download

Templates for the One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships are in the NNPS Handbook and in .pdf form on the CD in the Fourth Edition.

For Word documents, click here for Form G – Goals or Form T – Types

More Information

For more information, answers to questions about writing a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships, and tools for ATPs to organize and conduct their work, see Chapter 9, “Evaluate Your Partnership Program” in the NNPS handbook: Epstein, et al. (2019), School Family, and Community Partnerships, Your Handbook for Action (4th ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.